Hate is

hate speaks in many languages, but with one tongue.

it echoes across footpaths, the unified rhythm as boots hit the street.

one two

one two

Hate tells you you’re okay.

hate tells you its not you, but leaves a lingering doubt,

recourse for future change in mind.

hate lives in the words of the weak, in mouths of politicians and in the script of newsreaders.

hate is intersectional, hate is motivating, hate is pervasive

its the split skin of cracked nuckels and insignia worn with pride.

its the banner of dead tyrants, resurrected in opportune moments,

directed at those with no room to move, with no place to go, with no plan for tomorrow, with nothing today,

hate cried out in the minds of the stupid.. hate belongs, hate is belonging, belonging to hate.

hate is the glimmer in the eye of a flag worn with pride, spittle in the face of the undeserving, fists where there should be understanding… death, where it shouldn’t be.

hate leaves questions never answered and answers never questioned.

hate moves masses and laughs with the smirking grin of the guilty.

the whispers of doubt and a seed of fear.

hate whispers. dark. alone. angry… and unified.


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